Safety Patrol


Safety Patrol Safety Patrol is a service organization for Chestnut Hill Elementary School facilitated by the fifth-grade teaching team of Mrs. Leasher, Mrs. Quimby, and Mrs. Smith. Fifth-grade students can serve on Safety Patrol. They are identified by their green or orange belts worn at all times while working. There are three main groupings of Safety Patrol posts:


The main purpose of Safety Patrol is to help students be safe. Safety Patrol members help other students cross the parking lots safely, as well as enter and exit the building safely.

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You can help your child be safe by talking with him/her about the following safety rules:


Safety Patrol students are chosen based on their ability to be organized, responsible, and reliable. They are also expected to be good citizens, since their role of helping other students is most important. A fifth-grade student can be involved in band or orchestra, Student Council, or any other school group and still be a Safety Patrol member. The facilitators build the Safety Patrol schedule around the students’ other commitments.



Safety Patrol members are trained for their posts prior to beginning their work. Students choose which of the three posts they would prefer to work and are trained at the posts.

  • Mrs. Smith trains students at the church parking lot;
  • Mrs. Quimby trains students at the school parking lot; and
  • Mrs. Leasher trains students at the front door of the building.

The training involves how to help the students be safe and how the Safety Patrol members can help other students.



Students on Safety Patrol are usually on post one to three times per week. Safety Patrol members are are on post twice a day--before and after school. The Safety Patrol students are expected to be on post from 8:20-8:40 a.m. and 3:25-3:40 p.m. The Safety Patrol students arrive to class later than the other students; the fifth-grade teachers manage this quite effectively.






Each post “team” has a walkie-talkie for communication purposes. The three Safety Patrol members at the church parking lot have a walkie-talkie, and the three members at the school parking lot have a walkie-talkie. They can communicate with the front door members, who also have a walkie-talkie. If an emergency arises, the school office is quickly informed by the front door members.



The school parking lot post members have an additional component to their job. They need to take out the orange cones at the beginning of their posts and return them to the office at the end of their posts. The orange cones are used for traffic management to ensure the proper movement of our parking lot’s traffic and, ultimately, the safety of our students.



To honor theSafetyPatrol6 hard work the Safety Patrol students do, the facilitators provide a treat of some sort each month. Usually the treat is a pizza party, ice cream party, or sandwich party. Chestnut Hill’s PTO is very generous in providing the funds for such activities. At the activities, the facilitators discuss any important issues and answer students’ questions regarding Safety Patrol.

Periodically throughout the school year, the students have the opportunity to change their posts or to stop being a Safety Patrol member. There are also times in which new Safety Patrol members are added.



At the conclusion of the school year, the students are recognized for their service to Chestnut Hill Elementary with a certificate of achievement.


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